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CAS offers Squirrel Data Loggers

CAS offers Squirrel Data Loggers

Companies in the food and agriculture industry need a convenient yet accurate means of protecting perishable inventories by monitoring and alarming product temperatures and humidity.

Now CAS DataLoggers has partnered with Grant to offer a portable, durable solution with the portable SQ2020 Squirrel Data Logger featuring a fully configurable large graphical LCD display and updated design. Stand-alone operation away from the office in a product pallet or storage room is simple and convenient.

It’s easy to set up continual monitoring for products using these versatile and durable data loggers that allow for a range of different measurements. The Squirrel loggers’ flexibility and accessible design enable hassle-free operation. These data loggers offer an out-of-the-box system in three configurations: the SQ2020-1F8 logger, the high-speed SQ2020-2F8 logger, and the SQ2020-2F8 WiFi wireless logger.

Squirrel SQ2020 data loggers are portable data collection systems compatible with many different types of thermocouple and humidity sensors, and can also measure ambient temperature. Squirrel data loggers offer a highly accurate (0.05%) battery-powered system measuring a range of physical values—not only temperature and humidity, but also current, voltage, and resistance for use in voltage optimization. Each SQ2020 data logger features twin processors, eight differential (16 single-ended) analog inputs, and eight digital event inputs. Four alarm/relay outputs notify users whenever food or environmental temperatures suddenly go out of specification.

Designed for portable data logging applications where stand-alone operation is a must, Squirrel data loggers feature multiple 24-bit ADCs for precise measurements. Squirrels are able to fulfill many temperature data logging needs, even applications requiring up to 100 readings per second on two channels (SQ2020 2F8 model). The datalogger is powered from internal cells or an external power supply connection.

These temperature and humidity data loggers include an intuitive, easy-to-read graphical LCD screen offering clear and simple navigation, fully configurable via the integrated four-button keypad so users can access most of the Squirrel’s core functionality without needing a PC or laptop connection. Logger status, setup, and real-time graphical data in meter mode are at users’ fingertips, giving reliable results within minutes of activation. For extended logging, Squirrel data loggers can store up to 14 million points of internal data storage and also use a removable MMC/SD card. The Squirrel series is fully compatible with Grant’s range of temperature probes and with other commercially available sensors.

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