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Cole Hersee offers Smart Battery Isolator

Cole Hersee offers Smart Battery Isolator

Cole Hersee Company has introduced its new Smart Battery Isolator 48525 and 48530. Designed for trucking applications, the product prevents loads on the auxiliary battery from draining the starting battery.

The Smart Battery Isolator provides a more flexible system than traditional isolators, as it is not specific to an alternator type. Additionally, it is smaller, lighter, and generates less heat. Because the Smart Battery Isolator reduces charging system workload by not connecting to the auxiliary battery until the primary battery is charged to 13.2 volts, there is lower strain on charging components, extending the product life.

No diode efficiency losses occur when using the Smart Battery Isolator, and the product also allows bi-directional charging from alternator or from other power chargers/converters. Easy to install, the Smart Battery Isolator features an LED status indicator and operational start assist. It is available in 85- and 200-amp versions.

For more details about Cole Hersee, phone 617-268-2100, ext 203; fax 617-268-9490; or e-mail [email protected] Information is also available at

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