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Crown unveils SP 3500 Stockpicker

Crown unveils SP 3500 Stockpicker

Crown Equipment Corporation has introduced a new version of its Crown SP 3500 Series Stockpicker designed to accommodate fuel cells. The SP 3500 integrates a fuel cell hydrogen level indicator onto the dashboard display, as well as feature-programmable performance settings and advanced diagnostics for the fuel cell power unit.

The SP 3500 is specifically engineered for narrow-aisle applications, smoothly moving from pallet handling to picking at heights to transporting. This truck designed for fuel cells maintains the same features and benefits presented by the standard model.

The new forklift builds on the innovation of the Crown PC 4500 Series pallet truck, which incorporated fuel cell controls and gauges into the dashboard of the truck. With the SP 3500, the Crown Access 1 2 3 system control is now connected directly to the fuel cell power unit to increase safety, efficiency, and productivity. Access 1 2 3 manages all truck functions and proactively facilitates two-way communication with the operator.

The system’s on-board display now features a fuel cell hydrogen level indicator that allows parameters to be set for a low-fuel warning. Operators receive an alert when the fuel cell hydrogen pressure reaches a pre-determined level, based on size of the facility and distance to the facility’s hydrogen refueling stations. This alert can be adjusted to signify when between 2% and 25% of the hydrogen level remains. The truck also has a lift lockout feature that prevents lift when the fuel level reaches a pre-determined level below the initial low charge alert. This feature protects the integrity of the fuel cell and encourages operators to immediately visit the hydrogen refueling station.

The Access 1 2 3 display screen on the dashboard of the truck also calls attention to detailed information about fuel cell performance and allows authorized users to adjust performance settings. Technicians can use the dashboard display to view fault codes, including the last event code, for maintenance and troubleshooting. A refueling mode uses a bar graph to show status of refueling. Since the byproduct of creating electricity from a fuel cell is water, a high-water warning alerts operators if too much water is in the holding tank.

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