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Digi SafeTemps offers precise visibility

Digi International has introduced Digi SafeTemps, which provides precise and continuous visibility using wireless monitors that automatically generate temperature alerts and reports of perishable goods throughout the transportation and supply chain process.

As part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued new food safety rules to prevent food contamination during transportation. The rules require those involved in transporting human and animal food by motor or rail vehicle to follow recognized best practices for sanitary transportation. Shippers and receivers must verify that transport units are pre-cooled prior to loading, and track temperatures during transit. They must also capture, log and share temperature monitoring data to show end-to-end compliance.

Digi SafeTemps also provides an independent audit of refrigerated trailers. In these reefers, the temperature is controlled by a refrigeration unit that creates and maintains three temperature zones (frozen, refrigerated and ambient temperature). With Digi SafeTemps, technology deployed directly within each zone inside the container verifies that the reefer unit is meeting FSMA requirements.

Location-based real-time temperature monitoring—By linking positioning and temperature monitoring, the user has complete visibility throughout the transport chain. The system can locate and monitor refrigeration units in trailer yards during preparation, as it leaves the shipper location, in transit, arrival at destination, and location in the destination yard. During the course of the shipment, the system provides breadcrumbing and zone temperatures with five-minute stop detection. During transit, through integration with dispatch and telematics software, shippers and carriers are immediately alerted to any temperature event.

Automated trip and shipment reports—Through proactive, real-time monitoring, Digi SafeTemps provides automated and detailed trip, shipment and customer delivery reports. Information can be presented in a Digi-hosted dashboard, as well as be integrated with ERP, warehouse management systems (WMS), dock management systems (DMS), yard management systems and transport management systems.

Error-free, precise data to adhere to FSMA requirements—By eliminating manual input of temperature information, sensor-based input saves labor, eliminates potential human error and provides reliable data to verify adherence to FSMA requirements. Automated data logging and temperature tracking provides verification to product-specific temperature rule sets such as the four-hour and one-hour time/temperature rule set. Digi SafeTemps follows Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) standards to provide a traceable independent audit of both reefer units and product temperatures.

For more information, see www.digi.com/safetemps.

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