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Digital Lumens adds new lighting fixtures

Digital Lumens adds new lighting fixtures

Digital Lumens has made significant additions to its product portfolio with new 18,000- and 26,000-lumen highbay LED lighting fixtures—all with integrated daylight harvesting sensors—and enhancements to LightRules, the company’s centralized control system that maximizes energy efficiency.

Designed for use in an expanded range of commercial and industrial environments, including those requiring an IP 65 rating for washdown capabilities, the new fixtures are a lumen-for-lumen replacement of existing T5 and T8 High-Intensity Fluorescents (HIF). They feature:

•An up to 100% increase in raw light output (lumens), supporting higher delivered light levels, deployment in facilities with higher ceilings, and greater fixture spacing.

•Integrated daylight sensors to reduce energy usage.

•Increased environmental resistance (IP 65), making the fixtures applicable to production environments that require washdown or UL damp-rated fixtures.

•A choice of optics options, making the fixtures suitable for both open and aisle applications.

•Greater lighting energy savings.

These new fixtures join Digital Lumens’s product portfolio, which includes 10,000- and 15,000-lumen LED intelligent lighting fixtures. All Digital Lumens fixtures have integrated occupancy sensors and are wirelessly controlled by LightRules central management platform, which maximizes energy efficiency by providing light when and where needed, and provides lighting scheduling and detailed lighting energy reports.

Digital Lumens continues to help industrial customers drive energy efficiencies, providing 100% of the light for 10% of the energy cost. The company’s systems have been proven with more than 100 large-scale facilities driving 33 million kilowatt-hours of total annual lighting energy savings.

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