Dometic turns to the sun to power A/C unit

Dometic is powering its Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air-conditioner with eNow’s Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel system—making it the first solar-powered auxiliary A/C available for Class 8 sleeper trucks.

The Dometic eNow solar-powered Blizzard Turbo auxiliary A/C harnesses the power of the sun to capture and store energy in the on-board battery system and distributed to various truck/trailer functions. Using solar to power the Dometic Blizzard Turbo A/C unit increases the life of the truck’s alternator and auxiliary battery system by reducing the alternator load at idle and over-the-road, while charging the battery more efficiently at its optimal voltage.

With eNow’s solar-powered system, Class 8 drivers extend their run time and benefit from a significant cost-savings on diesel. By adding solar technology to run their Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air, truck fleets lower the costs associated with idling, fuel consumption, equipment maintenance and CO2 emissions. As anti-idling laws quickly become the norm across the United States, engine-off auxiliary A/C will be a necessity to keep drivers in a comfortable and quiet environment to which they are accustomed.

In related news regarding eNow, the Commercial Carrier Journal website recently published an article addressing truck stop electrification offered by eNow:

A new partnership will allow truck stop electrification service IdleAir to utilize eNow’s solar technology for its hookups at truck stops and fleet terminals.

IdleAir, which supplies power to trucks without idling or running an APU, will now be able to use eNow’s solar panels to help provide the power instead of only traditional electricity.

More than 45 truck stops and fleet terminals in 17 states have IdleAir hookups, which can provide drivers with heat and air, 120-volt electricity, Internet and TV service, according to IdleAir.

eNow’s mission is to help the trucking industry become more profitable, enhance the driver experience and improve the environment. Its system is specifically designed to keep costs low so truck fleets can affordably install solar panels with no upfront cost with a ‘pay as you go’ program.

Call 866-571-0175 or email [email protected] to see how quickly and affordably eNow can get your trucks up and running with solar.

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