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Doran 360HD wireless sensors can withstand excessive heat

Doran 360HD wireless sensors can withstand excessive heat

The new Doran 360HD° wireless sensors are proven to withstand temperatures up to 257° F that can occur in trucks tasked with heavy loads and stop-and-go driving.

An ability to withstand such severe heat stress allows the valve stem-mounted sensors to continuously take tire pressure readings and transmit them to the in-cab display monitor. The combination of the materials and encapsulation method used during manufacturing forms a barrier against extreme heat, allowing these units to function in adverse conditions.

With “at-a-glance” status updates including a new patent-pending Green Means GOOD indicator, the Doran 360HD is ideal for fleets that must endure frequent stops and starts.

Excessive heat build-up is a common problem with trucks in good repair especially ones that must perform constant stop-and-go driving and carrying heavy loads. This system monitors up to 36 tires for truck, tractor, and trailer applications with wireless tire pressure sensors that are screwed on to the valve stems and transmit a signal to a monitor in the cab. The driver is alerted through audible and visual alarms that provide a warning signal and identify the location and pressure of the problem tire. In addition, a new “Fast Leak” alarm is built in to the system to provide drivers with the information they need to quickly become aware of low tire pressures.

The system, which works with traditional dual-tire configurations or wide-base single tire applications, provides an estimated payback of less than nine months per truck (based on driving 100,000 miles annually).

Installation can be accomplished in about an hour per truck/trailer. A monitor includes a digital LCD screen with backlit display and comes equipped with four-way navigational buttons. Spin-welded, heavy-duty, truck-tested wireless tire pressure sensors are corrosion-resistant and deliver long life. A patent-pending “sleep” mode ensures that the vehicle stays protected at all times. With this feature activated, tire pressures continue to be monitored, but triggered warnings are withheld until the driver turns the ignition on.

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