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EcoSMART fleet conversion adds microGreen oil filter

EcoSMART fleet conversion adds microGreen oil filter

SOMS Technologies LLC, developer and manufacturer of the microGreen extended performance oil filter, has announced an agreement with Florida-based Green Gas Laboratories LLC to add the microGreen filter to the company’s “green” fleet conversion business.

Marketed under the brand name SMARTfleet Solutions, Green Gas Laboratories’ five-point EcoSMART Lube fleet conversion quickly makes vehicles more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly, while reducing the expense and time associated with periodic oil changes.

The EcoSMART fleet conversion replaces the vehicle’s existing oil filter with the new microGreen oil filter. Validated with laboratory and on-road testing, this patented filter reduces oil maintenance costs by 65%, decreases use of motor oil by 70%, and reduces the number of filter changes by 50%. Designed as two filters in one, the microGreen filter is a spin-on filter and is installed in the same method as traditional oil filters. However, unlike traditional oil filters that capture particles down to 25 to 30 microns, the microGreen oil filter captures particles down to 2 microns in size, keeping the oil cleaner, like new oil, and maintaining the additive package.

Besides the microGreen filter change, SMARTfleet Solutions’ EcoSMART Lube conversion includes changing the oil to higher-quality pure synthetic oil, a biodegradable cooling system service, a nitrogen tire fill to ensure fuel efficiency, and a fuel and emissions system check using an OBD II connector scan tool.

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