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Eyeing e-commerce, Kinedyne unveils load-rated curtain-side system

CARGO control specialist Kinedyne LLC used its press slot at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show to present a variety of new systems designed to address the demands placed on transportation providers by the impact of e-commerce on the supply chain. 

Among the products introduced were a load-rated curtain-side system and a unique double-decking system designed specifically for curtain-side applications. The lightweight curtain-side system opens and closes at lightning-fast speeds, but is engineered to restrain lateral cargo movement. A load-rated curtain gives a trailer the combined advantages of flatbed access and a van’s walled structure. The double-decking system maximizes load density, allowing loading and unloading access of both cargo levels from the sides and rear, and all of its components conveniently stow in the trailer to avoid loss or damage.

“Popular in Europe, load-rated curtains become part of a vehicle’s overall load securement system,” said Paul Wolford, vice-president of sales and marketing for Kinedyne LLC. They save time, weight and fuel, while providing sideways restraint to otherwise fully secured loads up to the curtain’s stated rating. Our rated curtains will display their load rating as either allowable weight per pallet width, allowable weight per pallet space or total payload of evenly distributed pallets across the entire deck space. Forward and rear cargo restraint must still be provided by headboards, tailboards and other traditional load securement methods.”

During his presentation, Wolford highlighted several related products:

Load-Rated Curtain-Side System: The industry’s first load-rated curtain-wall system with a reinforced structural profile. The system is suitable for trailers up to 53 feet. 

Double-Decking System for Curtain-Side Applications: Another industry first, this unique double-decking system enables users to optimize the cargo capacity of Kinedyne’s advanced load-rated curtain-side system. System configurations can support between 13,000 and 24,000 pounds on their second loading levels.

Fast-Access Curtain-Side System for the Urban Core: This curtain-side system was specially developed for fast and repetitive city distribution and short truck bodies of up to 28 feet. 

Quick-Release Curtain-Side System for Standard and Tapered Bodies: The flexible quick-release latching system is simple, versatile and fast. 

Patented Ultra-Smooth Sliding Roof System: This unique sliding roof system has patented folding plates and can be paired with an extended range of aluminum rails or combined with other curtain-style rapid-access products. 

Patented Non-Binding Roller Technology: All curtain-side and retractable roofs are equipped with advanced, patented roller technology that makes opening and closing them faster, safer and less ergonomically challenging.

To bring these new technologies to North America, Kinedyne tapped the resources of its sister company, Wistra Cargo Control, and one of its European suppliers, Versus-Omega.

All products are expected to be commercially available by January 2018.  

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