Feds pay $679 million for weather-related road repairs

The U.S. federal government is making $679 million available immediately to states across the nation to cover costs incurred to repair roads and bridges damaged by various natural emergencies and catastrophic events.

This emergency relief money will go to 28 states and Puerto Rico to pay for damages caused by storms, flooding, hurricanes, and other disasters, including summer 2008’s Midwestern floods and Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. The money will be used to reimburse states for fixing or replacing damaged highways and bridges; establishing detours; removing debris; and replacing signs, lighting, and guardrails.

The funds are part of the 2008 Disaster Relief and Recovery Supplemental Appropriations Act that provided additional emergency relief funds. Congress also provides an annual authorization of $100 million for the program each fiscal year.

A state-by-state breakdown of emergency relief funds can be accessed at www.dot.gov/affairs/dot15608chart.htm.

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