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Fleetco fiberglass liner kits for Ford Transit Connect

Fleetco fiberglass liner kits for Ford Transit Connect

Pensacola FL-based Fleetco is providing and installing insulated fiberglass liner kits for the Ford Transit Connect.

Liner kits are form-fit to the interior of the Transit Connect and have approximately 2" of high-density foam fully embedded to the fiberglass panels. Panels are non-porous to prevent bacterial growth. They are easily washable, and all kits have a floor drain to facilitate washdown.

The liner kit’s overlapping design prevents moisture intrusion under the liner. All seams are sealed with an adhesive sealant after assembly. The kit can be removed and reinstalled, preserving the investment as vehicles are replaced.

Standard configuration permits access through rear and curbside doors. The roadside door opening is sealed by the roadside panel. An option to permit access through the roadside door is being considered, but not available at this time. Panels can be ordered with optional reinforcements for cargo track on the sides and floor. Aluminum side and floor protection is also an option, as are aluminum pull-out tray arrangements for the rear area.

Standard refrigeration provided is the ATC Series 8- to 12-volt operated system. This system easily maintains chill temperatures in the roughly 85-cubic-foot cargo area. Options for an engine-driven compressor and units by other manufacturers are available.

Liner and refrigeration units add about 250 lbs of evenly distributed weight, preserving 1,350 lbs of the 1,600-lb payload.

Fleetco also provides kits for Ford, GM, and Sprinter full size vans, as well as Morgan refrigerated bodies from 12 to 28 feet. For more information, contact Fleetco at 800-335-3287 or 850-477-7645, or visit

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