Gray & Adams offers home delivery vehicle

Gray & Adams offers home delivery vehicle

Gray & Adams, a British manufacturer of temperature-controlled semitrailers and bodies, has responded to demand from the fast-growing home delivery sector for another major supplier by launching its own purpose-designed vehicle.

Based on a 3.5-tonne Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the company’s first demonstration unit is more aerodynamic and futuristic in appearance, important in a segment where brand image is crucial.

The vehicle is fitted with a dual-temperature GAH refrigeration unit and capable of carrying 105 totes (crates). Gray & Adams freed up the space for an extra tote by “designing out” the wheelbox intrusion.

Other innovative features include wide radius cappings to smooth the airflow and high-gloss Kemlite floor skins that are used externally as well as internally. These help prevent dirt and debris from accumulating beneath the vehicle and thus reducing payload capacity.

Gray & Adams has also taken steps to protect the vehicle from accident damage by fitting plastic, high-impact-resistant rear light plates, proximity sensors, and reversing cameras.

Steve Rose is managing director at Gray & Adams’ Doncaster, England, factory, where investments have been made in additional capacity in preparation for market entry.

“We’ve shown our new vehicle to a number of major retailers,” he said. “The feedback has been resoundingly positive, and we’re already in detailed negotiations regarding the first volume orders.”

Gray & Adams puts the current size of the United Kingdom home delivery fleet at around 7,500 vehicles. Based on an average five-year replacement cycle, this implies potential demand for some 1,500 new vehicles each year.

“Yet until now the home delivery sector has been dominated by a single vehicle supplier,” said Rose. “Given continued growth in this segment, the market badly needs another volume-based manufacturer to guarantee future supply and ensure price competitiveness.

“That’s where we come in. Gray & Adams has a proven track record for working with its customers to develop high-quality temperature-controlled transport solutions tailored specifically to their operations. We’re also known for delivering on time and as ordered, and for supporting our products with a first-class aftercare service.”

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