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Hendrickson parts PLUS lookup

Hendrickson adds lift axle info to PLUS+ parts system

Hendrickson recently made its Lift Axle parts information available through the PLUS+ Parts Look Up System.

“We are excited to offer our customers this added feature,” said David McCleave, director of aftermarket at Hendrickson. “Until recently, the PLUS system only offered Hendrickson Trailer and Truck suspension components and assembly information.”
PLUS provides three fantastic benefits:

  • It allows users to place a competitor, or OEM part number, in the system to obtain the matching Hendrickson part number. 
  • It also allows users to look up a part number to ensure it is a valid number, or provides the updated part number. 
  • Finally, it allows users to view the bill of materials for an assembly, ensuring delivery of all the correct parts for the job.

To register parts and service personnel and start using the system, visit

  1. Click on PARTS & SERVICE on the top menu
  2. Next to the PLUS icon select VIEW PLUS+
  3. Select NEW USER? and follow the prompts from that point forward.

Within 24-48 hours, users will be registered, notified and ready to sell Hendrickson Genuine parts with confidence, the company said. PLUS is an excellent online resource to get immediate part number information allowing an expedited customer service process and improved equipment uptime. 


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