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Kelley HULK Rail Lift provides versatility

Kelley HULK Rail Lift provides versatility

The Kelley HULK Rail Lift is a completely self-contained, surface-mounted lift designed for facilities requiring versatility in applications lacking space or configuration for a conventional dock lift. This rail lift includes interchangeable parts, offers smaller platform sizes to fit tighter spaces, and is inexpensive to install and easy to relocate.

Provided in 4,000- and 6,000-lb capacities, the HULK Rail lift includes a 5-horsepower motor for lifting speeds up to 20 feet per minute, and a lifting range of up to 84 inches. The direct-thrust cylinder also supplies constant speed through the full range of travel. Platform sizes for the lift can be as small as 4' x 5', and the lift’s lowered height is 4.5 inches, creating a versatile lift for smaller facilities. Interchangeable parts—including the ramp, bridge, lift, and handrail—are offered at no additional cost.

Safety features of the HULK Rail lift include a pre-wired, NEMA 12-control panel and self-contained power unit, NEMA 4X hand control, velocity fuse on the lift cylinder to prevent uncontrolled descent, and beveled toe guards for toe protection.

A brand owned by 4Front Engineered Solutions, Kelley consists of a line of loading dock systems including dock levelers, vehicle restraints, dock seals and shelters, ergonomic lift products, environmental control systems, and aftermarket dock accessories.

For more information, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call 1-877-558-6960.

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