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Kelly offers Armorsteel KLS tire

Kelly offers Armorsteel KLS tire

Kelly Tires has announced the availability of the Armorsteel KLS, a new steer tire that offers uniform wear and long mileage until removal. This tire is provided in 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5, and 285/75R24.5 sizes.

The KLS features an 18/32-inch tread depth in a five-rib design, with a barrel-shaped footprint, to optimize treadwear performance. Lateral sipes and slots on the three main ribs help supply excellent traction and handling. All five ribs feature edge blades to enhance treadwear performance. To help promote uniform wear and long life, a pressure distribution groove is located on the outer edge of the shoulder rib.

This tire provides solid performance, and is highly retreadable, thanks to a four-belt package that helps lower overall lifecycle costs for owner-operators and fleets.

Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems offers products and services to the trucking industry, including Goodyear, Dunlop, and Kelly tires. The company’s cradle-to-grave tire and service network includes retreading, tire management tools, and business systems for tomorrow’s trucking fleets. In addition, the company offers fleetHQ business systems to owner-operators and fleets of all sizes. This includes the 24/7 fleetHQ Solution Center, national programs, tire management tools, online information access, and business problem-solving.

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