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Lite-Check provides trailer tester refurbishment

Lite-Check provides trailer tester refurbishment

Lite-Check LLC is offering a refurbishment and upgrade program for all 910B and Inspector 910B trailer testers sold since their introduction. This offering upgrades all versions to today’s Inspector 910B standard, and includes a six-month warranty.

Any version of 910B may be upgraded—working or not. As the original case is retained, units must be in original, unmodified condition. Switches, gauges, lights, and all other electrical and mechanical elements are refurbished or replaced as necessary.

Feature enhancements for most units include:

•Long-range FM-style remote with very fast response to user inputs

•“One Button ABS” test and inspection system with a built-in multi-vendor fault-code library and manufacturer specific repair guidance for trailer ABS systems

•Improved low-current draw sensitivity for automated fault identification with LEDs

Since its introduction in 1996, the Lite-Check 910B trailer tester has been a leading choice for shops and mobile service trucks looking for fast and high-quality testing and troubleshooting. The company says it can provide the power and functionality of an Inspector 910B for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new tester.

Contact Lite-Check at 800-343-8579 or 509-535-7512, or access

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