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Lite-Check’s Detector 902 provides precision testing of trailer systems

Lite-Check’s Detector 902 provides precision testing of trailer systems

Lite-Check LLC is offering the new Detector 902 test instrument for trailer lights and air brake systems. The instrument is simple to operate using either the front panel switches or the full-function remote control.

One pass around the trailer with the remote allows a technician to turn on any light circuit or perform a full brake operation with air test while at the axle. The software identifies electrical faults by displaying conditions on a digital display and sounding alarms unique to each type of fault.

For trailer lighting/electrical systems and air/air-brake systems, the Detector 902 is identical in operation to Lite-Check’s Inspector 910. A multi-function test system, the Inspector 910 has a feature set that includes true multi-vendor ABS test and troubleshooting capabilities. By providing the Detector 902 with only the facilities to test, inspect, and troubleshoot trailer air and lighting systems, Lite-Check brings this trailer testing tool to market at a reduced price.

The Detector 902 operates on 12-volt DC, making it an effective tool in both shop and service truck settings. Full air management, with uniquely regulated service air provided by a built-in pressure regulator, allows for easy identification of both internal and external air leaks, and convenient and consistent application of the brake systems while at the axles.

Contact Lite-Check for final pricing and availability information at 1-800-343-8579 or 1-509-535-7512, or access its website at

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