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Maxon GPSLR: Level, smart, and tough

Maxon GPSLR: Level, smart, and tough

Maxon Lift Corp has introduced its latest technological advancement: the GPSLR Series Liftgate. The GPSLR is a slide-type liftgate that rides level from bed to ground and features an industry first: a SmartStow function that enables the gate to stow automatically.

Unlike most liftgates that require multiple steps when storing the gate, the GPSLR is equipped with a system that is essential to the slide-type liftgate. Press one button to stow, and SmartStow technology makes everything else automatic: detecting correct height, stowing securely, and locking in place.

GPSLR’s platform design allows for ease in movement of loads because it sits completely flat on the ground. Additionally, it features a stress-optimized lift arm design that minimizes arm deflection.

This liftgate works with all different types of rear doors and is securely stowed away during dock loading operations.

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