Mobile Awareness upgrades VisionStat

Mobile Awareness upgrades VisionStat

Mobile Awareness LLC has announced a high-resolution digital monitor upgrade for all VisionStat camera systems.

The digital VisionStat monitor presents an upgrade in picture quality found on both wired and wireless color camera systems offered for vehicle blind spot detection. Each of the digital VisionStat systems is available with either a 5.6" or the 7" color LCD monitor. The digital monitor is configurable with up to four infrared night vision CCD cameras and offers higher resolution, greater image clarity, and automatically backlit buttons.

The new digital monitor is also contained in VisionStat Plus, an advanced safety system that integrates the SenseStat obstacle detection sensor system directly into the wired VisionStat camera system with no additional wiring required. The combined features allow for both an active (audible) warning and a passive (visual) confirmation via a CCD camera. This permits viewing a rearview camera image superimposed with the actual distance measurement (accurate to 1") to the closest object within any of four sensor zones. Whenever the driver is not viewing the monitor, the system provides an audible alert should an unforeseen object appear behind the vehicle.

To assist users in assessing this latest technology, Mobile Awareness offers a reduced-cost End-user Evaluation Program. This allows fleets to experience the benefits of enhanced safety on their particular vehicles, in a controlled environment, with minimal investment.

For more information, visit or call toll-free 866-653-5036.

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