Omnitracs adds mobility to VLV product

Omnitracs LLC has added a mobile application to its Virtual Load View (VLV) product, a solution that replaces manual tracking of shipments by providing access to real-time data, including the ability to improve tracking and identify when loads are falling behind schedule.

VLV helps brokers, shippers and carriers track loads through their own back office systems. The elimination of manual tracking, ability to identify problem loads and reduction of overhead help make VLV a tracking product every fleet could use.

“Traditionally, brokers have not had direct access to their carriers’ telematics, which forced them to rely on costly call centers to plan loads, track the position of trucks, contact drivers and act on problem loads,” said Jeff Champa, vice-president of product management at Omnitracs. “Companies that use Omnitracs’ VLV can reduce the required resources for real-time load tracking and realize significant ROI by replacing manual tracking of loads with Omnitracs’ VLV solution.”

Brokers and shippers that want to track their loads via VLV have the data sent to their back office system via integration. Position data about the load is either shared from the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) or Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) unit. If no Omnitracs unit is available, a new smartphone application (Virtual Load View Mobile) can provide data. The driver can download this app from iOS and Android stores.

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