Panasonic offers Toughbook H2 tablet PC

Panasonic offers Toughbook H2 tablet PC

Panasonic Solutions Company is providing the Toughbook H2, an ergonomic Windows tablet PC.

Its handheld design offers mobility, performance, and connectivity for field service workers, first responders, clinicians, and other mission-critical professionals. This tablet includes an enhanced processor, increased RAM and hard drive capacity, I/O ports, and a screen that delivers viewability in all lighting conditions via Panasonic’s TransflectivePlus technology.

The H2 is powered by an Intel Core i5-2557M vPro processor (1.7 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.7G Hz) for faster speeds and enhanced device management. The device also comes standard with 4 GB of RAM, expandable to 8 GB, and a 320-GB 7200-rpm hard disk drive, with an optional 128-GB solid state drive available.

Starting at 3.5 pounds, the H2 delivers 6.5 hours of battery life and includes fast-charging twin hot-swappable batteries that allow for virtually limitless use. Panasonic has also improved charge time to three hours.

The H2 includes a 10.1-inch dual touch display that offers digitizer and touchscreen functionality. The display also features TransflectivePlus display technology, in addition to a circular polarizer, plus anti-glare and anti-reflective screen treatments, making it viewable in direct sunlight.

This device has a molded hand strap, which allows workers to comfortably stand or carry the H2 for an entire shift. The H2 is MIL-STD-810G tested—with a six-foot drop rating. It is designed to be operational in extreme weather conditions and is engineered and certified for vehicle use.

For healthcare environments, the H2 has been designed for easy disinfection. It does not require a fan, reducing the risk of microorganisms being spread from patient to patient. The device is a secure and intuitive platform for bar-code medication administration (BCMA), vitals capture, and electronic medical records (EMR) capture and review. A Panasonic-designed software application can be programmed to remind users to wipe the unit down at defined intervals. The utility automatically records a successful cleaning for the hospital’s permanent records.

The H2 offers a variety of embedded wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional Gobi2000 3G mobile broadband technology from Qualcomm. The device is certified on the Sprint and Verizon Wireless 3G networks.

Multiple security features include options for a fingerprint reader, and contactless or insertable SmartCard reader for government common access cards (CACs).

The H2 is backed with a three-year limited warranty. For more information, go to

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