PC*MILER adds driver trip planning app

ALK Technologies announced the launch of its trip planning driver app—MileOn by PC*MILER. Powered by ALK’s flagship PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping software, the new app gives drivers a much-needed tool for trip planning, scheduling hours of service (HOS) breaks and choosing the right rest stops for their needs while staying DOT compliant.

MileOn by PC*MILER takes a driver’s available HOS, schedule and trip preferences in order to generate intelligent, route-specific rest stop suggestions. Drivers will have the choice to stop at different truck stops and rest areas based on location, available hours and available amenities, such as showers. Once  drivers selects their desired stop, MileOn by PC*MILER will update the trip plan so they know exactly where to go. Not only will this help drivers maximize HOS, but it can also improve overall customer service by helping them to achieve delivery windows.

This app is designed to help drivers stay compliant and plan trips with breaks at preferred rest stops along the way. It also includes integrated real-time traffic and weather alerts up to 48 hours in advance to help keep drivers informed of traffic and constantly changing roads and weather conditions that may impact trip planning.

The MileOn by PC*MILER app is available to Android users in both free and paid versions. The paid version of the app includes additional features, such as sophisticated HOS planning. For more information about MileOn by PC*MILER, visit www.mileonapp.com.

See www.alk.com for further details.

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