Peterson Dot Light XL improves visibility

Peterson Manufacturing has introduced something bigger and brighter in single-diode LED clearance/marker/mid-turn lighting for heavy-duty trailers.

The new model, made in the United States and called the Dot Light XL, is designed to solve a complaint by drivers of rigs equipped with popular compact LED marker lights: poor visibility due to build-up of diesel soot, road grime, and/or snow pack.

All current compact models feature 3/4" single-diode LED lights sized to mount in the 3/4" holes of many OEM trailers. Peterson engineers used the company’s LumenX lens technology to nearly double the visible surface area of the Dot XL to 1-3/8", while still fitting 3/4" mounting holes. The result is a PC-rated, single-diode LED light big and bright enough to retain excellent visibility despite road and weather conditions.

Dot XL lights are lensed in LumenX red or amber, and feature specially designed rubber grommets for easy mounting in standard 3/4" holes.

All models have a 9- to 16-volt DC operating range and are available with stripped wires or Defender-approved .180 bullet terminals. Options include a hardwired, two-wire design with 8" leads, and a three-wire version for auxiliary brake or turn functions.

For more information, access or phone 816-765-2000.

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