PosiCharge ProCore

ProCore OC joins battery charging line

AeroVironment Inc has introduced PosiCharge ProCore OC, the newest addition to the company’s intelligent charging family that supports and charges any material handling battery. ProCore OC also rounds out the PosiCharge product offering, providing material handling customers a single source for a full line of intelligent charging solutions.

ProCore OC’s compact design and high frequency power stage technology make for a lighter, more efficient charger that takes up less floor space—yet is power-packed. While its modular power stages ensure ultimate flexibility, its robust, single port architecture makes ProCore OC highly customizable. This operational flexibility translates to less repair time and increased productivity, and its colorful digital display simplifies reading and understanding charger operations.

This latest addition to AeroVironment’s family of intelligent fast and opportunity charge systems includes an array of features that makes it easy to use, flexible, customizable and cost-effective. Like other PosiCharge ProCore models, ProCore OC ranges in power from 5 kW for lower-duty vehicles to 30 kW for the hardest-working electric forklifts.

ProCore OC’s innovative app allows users to program the charger and download data via a smartphone running iOS or Android, which means that configuring new units and managing fleets can be done remotely—and troubleshooting is just a click away.

All PosiCharge intelligent charging systems are designed to deliver a measurable, positive impact on the environment by reducing the total number of batteries required to operate each fleet, and by improving the efficiency and performance of every battery.

Access www.posicharge.com or www.avinc.com for more information.

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