Purkeys LDC tests liftgate charging system

Purkeys, a provider of electrical solutions for the heavy-duty trucking industry, has developed a way to easily test liftgate charging systems. The Liftgate Double Check (LDC) is a new tool that will soon become a necessity for fleets that use liftgates.

The LDC comes with an LED light display that will indicate when you are connected to a good power source. The LDC will show how many amps the batteries are pulling. This is important to determine that the system starts and operates properly.

Its connections can fit a dual pole, single pole, or seven-way. The LDC comes with all the aforementioned connectors. There is a breaker at the top for safety, and there are two inputs for multimeter leads at the bottom of the LDC.

The LDC provides a quick and easy way to simulate the loads of a liftgate charging system. When using the appropriate connectors, you can quickly and easily test the truck and its connecting circuits to make sure they are working properly and capable of supporting a liftgate charging system, even if a trailer is not available.

For more information, go to www.purkeys.net.

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