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R-O-M Corp enhances SidekicK folding ramp with larger wheels

R-O-M Corp enhances SidekicK folding ramp with larger wheels

More than a decade ago, R-O-M Corporation introduced the SidekicK, a reversible folding walkramp and transverse carrier system that increased side-door delivery options for food distributors. Since that time, continued product improvements have enhanced the SidekicK.

The company now has introduced new, larger wheels on the SidekicK. By doubling the size of the wheel diameter to five inches, R-O-M says drivers will enjoy better ramp mobility and easier maneuvering in the wide-ranging conditions food distributors encounter.

The SidekicK was the first widely distributed ramp with hinged construction that allowed it to fold for transverse storage, according to the company. As in the original design, the larger wheels deploy when the ramp is removed from the carrier. This allows drivers to easily move the ramp to any door on a multi-temp trailer.

Wheels retract when the ramp is positioned for product off-loading, and the steel legs lock in place to provide increased stability. Storage clearance was preserved, allowing the new SidekicK model to retrofit with legacy R-O-M carriers.

Further information is available by calling R-O-M at 800-827-3692. For more details, visit

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