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Hultsteins fossil-free refrigerated transport manufacturer Hultsteins

Reefer transport manufacturer Hultsteins adds Cold Connect

Swedish company Hultsteins says it is acquiring Cold Connect in an effort to consolidate its position in the United Kingdom as a leader in fossil-free refrigerated transport.

The company says it has developed fossil-free solutions for reefer trucks since 1962. Its hydraulic-powered refrigeration units affords it a unique position in a market where diesel-driven units are increasingly being called into question. In the UK, Cold Connect has held a similar position by offering sustainable refrigerated transport powered by electricity or hydraulics instead of diesel.

The companies previously worked together, and now they’re joined.

“The acquisition of Cold Connect gives us a solid foundation in a very interesting market,” said Börje Axelsson, Hultsteins’ CEO. “It also expands our technical knowledge about electricity and hybrid solutions, which means that we are well-equipped to meet future refrigerated transport requirements.”

Cold Connect CEO Stephen Maile

Cold Connect CEO Stephen Maile

Hultsteins maintains it will build on both companies’ innovative approaches to reefer transport in the British market.

“The integration of Cold Connect with Hultsteins was a natural step as the companies have many similarities, not least when it comes to smart solutions that are sustainable for both customers and the environment,” said Stephen Maile, CEO of Cold Connect.

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