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SAF-Holland provides SAF CBX40 air suspension

SAF-Holland provides SAF CBX40 air suspension

SAF-Holland has announced the release of the SAF CBX40 air suspension system. This advanced system integrates key technologies from the former SAF and Holland organizations to provide an advanced system for the North American van and reefer markets.

The SAF CBX40 incorporates a high-strength slider box with QwikRelease PIN PULL for easy slider adjustments. The CBX40 also features SwingAlign for fast and convenient axle alignment and cast-beam trailing arm construction for optimal strength and weight reduction. In addition, the CBX40 axle and braking system, manufactured at SAF-Holland’s new axle plant in Warrenton MO, differentiates the system from other systems. SAF-Holland provides the 5¾"-diameter X Series axle, drum brake configurations, and optional INTEGRAL-DISC brake technology.

With the INTEGRAL-DISC option, a proprietary Bi-Metallic casting process mechanically combines the rotor and adapter-flange into a single rotor assembly. The INTEGRAL’s Bi-Metallic rotor assembly is designed to control the effects of heat. Unlike conventional disc brake technology that often experiences uncontrolled deformation and hot spots, INTEGRAL’s rotor expands in a radial direction, under extreme braking conditions, to keep rotor surfaces flat and stable. This helps minimize the risk of premature rotor failure, while extending brake pad and bearing life.

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