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SecurMag secures hand pallet jack in trailer while vehicle is in motion

SecurMag secures hand pallet jack in trailer while vehicle is in motion

SecurMag, a patent-pending, proprietary product manufactured and distributed by Whitmann Holdings LLC, is designed for LTL (less than truckload) markets. With the use of steel parts and magnets, SecurMag secures a manual pallet jack to a trailer or flat steel surface.

The SecurMag assembly consists of steel parts and magnets, and is designed for use inside a truck trailer with a steel threshold. For those with aluminum or wood trailers, the firm offers an 8 inch x 8 inch steel deck plate. SecurMag attaches to the hand pallet jack with two bolts. Its function is to secure the hand pallet jack in a truck trailer while the truck is in motion.

SecurMag is an accessory item for the hand pallet jack that promotes safety, reduces freight, and trailer damage. It saves drivers time by not creating an unsafe method of securing a pallet jack (ie, tying it to the side of trailer, tipping it upside down, or forcing it under a pallet) and reduces the number of insurance claims and time spent on paperwork. SecurMag requires no effort to use; it engages and disengages with the use of one’s foot. It has a universal mounting assembly for a 27-inch pallet jack.

This product is designed for use in public and private sectors including these applications:

  • Refrigerated trailers with aluminum floors
  • Freight trailers with steel threshold
  • Freight trailers without steel threshold
  • Shipping vessels
  • Military vehicles
  • Government transportation

For more information, go to or e-mail [email protected].

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