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Shell revamps Rotella Ultra ELC coolant

Shell revamps Rotella Ultra ELC coolant

Shell Lubricants has introduced a revamped Shell Rotella heavy-duty engine antifreeze/coolant product portfolio that is led by Rotella Ultra ELC.

The most advanced coolant in the portfolio, Rotella Ultra ELC is an extended-life antifreeze/coolant for use in heavy-duty diesel, gasoline, and natural gas-powered engines. It is joined in the line of heavy-duty coolants by Rotella Fully Formulated, which has replaced Shell Diesel Ready Fully Formulated coolant/antifreeze, and Rotella ELC. Ultra ELC, ELC, and Fully Formulated are available in bulk and drums and will be available in gallon bottles before the end of 2010.

Unlike fully formulated coolants, ELCs are designed to go 600,000 on-highway miles (and beyond with proper monitoring) and provide overall reduction in cooling system maintenance. ELCs also offer complete cooling system component protection by helping reduce water pump failures, hard-water-scale deposits, and silicate gel.

Ultra ELC does not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates (NAP), borates, or silicates. Improvements include enhanced oxidation control and corrosion protection of aluminum alloys and lead solder, as well as better elastomer compatibility with silicone seals. Besides organic additive technology corrosion inhibitors, Ultra ELC contains molybdate to provide extra protection to cylinder liners. It will not require an initial charge or additional supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) in the future. Ultra ELC can provide protection for up to 12,000 hours or 600,000 miles in heavy-duty applications under normal operating conditions. It is available in two formulations: a pre-diluted 50/50 and a concentrate.

ELC uses organic additive technology corrosion inhibitors with nitrite and molybdate that protect cylinder liners from pitting corrosion damage. The product provides high-temperature protection and heat transfer. ELC helps reduce maintenance costs and improve water pump life and also eliminates the need for supplemental coolant additives. It can provide protection for up to 12,000 hours or 600,000 miles with an extender added at 300,000 miles.

Fully Formulated contains supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) to provide complete engine and cooling system protection. The product offers a highly stabilized, low-silicate formula that reduces deposits and the risks of hard water scale. It contains nitrite and molybdate to prevent corrosion damage from pitting on cylinder liners. Fully Formulated can provide protection for up to 200,000–250,000 miles/two-three years in heavy-duty applications under normal operating conditions, provided the user monitors and maintains SCA additive levels.

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