SkyBitz uses sun power to track assets

SkyBitz announced the Falcon GXT5000, a new solar-powered global positioning satellite (GPS) asset tracking solution. The Falcon GXT5000 is the next generation of the company’s machine-to-machine (M2M) asset tracking solutions on 3G/4G cellular networks.

The solution delivers visibility required to optimize operations within transportation, intermodal shipments and other markets that rely on mobile assets.

A key benefit of the Falcon GXT5000 is the longevity of service life it can provide through its solar-powered panels without replacing batteries. The Falcon GXT5000 is configurable over-the-air and provides on-demand reporting. Via analytic dashboards and reports provided by SkyBitz, users can improve on-time deliveries and reduce time wasted searching for available trailers/assets.

The Falcon GXT5000 helps better serve SkyBitz users with actionable information that helps them identify areas to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures through better utilization of existing assets.

Additional features of the Falcon GXT5000 include:

•A low-profile, self-contained, rugged design

•Reliable power efficiency for extended service life

•Reporting for 90-120 days without direct exposure to sunlight

•Easy and flexible installation (less than 15 minutes on average to install)

•Supports cargo status data via sensors

•More intelligent and responsive self-diagnostics, allowing for over-the-air troubleshooting

Companies can start deploying SkyBitz’s asset management solutions across their fleets quickly without any upfront capital expense through the subscription-based enterprise solution, SkyBitz as a Service.

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