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Sloan offers MAXXGrip gladhand combo

Sloan Transportation Products Ltd announced the release of its latest product innovation: the MAXXGrip Dura-Grip gladhand combo.

The new MAXXGrip offers a new approach to ensuring safer and more complete connections with critical air lines.

Some of the benefits of this product include:

•Safer and more complete connections

•Integrated hex at the base for ease of installation •Ergonomic grip reducing the chance of kinking airlines and extending their life •Easier coupling and uncoupling with added leverage •Eliminates potential for leaking between connections •Constructed of durable die cast aluminum with stainless steel wear plate •Colored powdercoating available for easy identification •Guaranteed to perform Parts numbers for this line are:

•441226—Gladhand Dura-Grip Combo, powdercoated blue, service •441227—Gladhand Dura-Grip Combo, powdercoated red, emergency •441222—Gladhand Dura-Grip Combo, red, emergency •441223—Gladhand Dura-Grip Combo, blue, service Access for complete details.

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