Spacesaver Industrial provides ActivRAC Mobilized Storage

Spacesaver Industrial provides ActivRAC Mobilized Storage

Spacesaver Industrial has introduced ActivRAC Mobilized Storage, a full line of space-saving storage systems that lets manufacturers and companies in the material handling and logistics industries increase their capacity without having to expand existing facilities or lease new space.

With ActivRAC Mobilized Storage, otherwise stationary (or fixed) rows of pallet racking are mounted on carriages and mobilized. The carriages, which can also be equipped with shelving and cabinets, travel on wheels mated to a rail system. By moving side to side, the patent-pending system can eliminate space-wasting aisles and “compress” (or compact) the stored materials into a much smaller footprint compared with a stationary system—yet provide 100% access whenever needed. By putting storage areas to work, ActivRAC Mobilized Storage lets companies uncover square footage they never knew existed.

The Spacesaver Industrial line of mobilized storage systems includes motorized, electric push button, and mechanical-assist manual operation systems customized to each application. The line consists of the ActivRAC 8 and patented-pending ActivRAC 16 and ActivRAC 30 models with 8,000-, 16,000-, and 30,000-lb-per carriage section capacity, respectively. An ActivRAC mobilized storage system requires just one moving aisle that opens and closes to provide fast, easy access to stored materials. The system can replace an existing stationary racking/shelving system altogether, or be equipped with existing racking/shelving. Users can maintain current storage levels but occupy up to 50% less floor space. With an ActivRAC system, users can:

•Place materials closer to the point of use as part of a decentralized storage scheme for streamlined processes and improved productivity.

•Better organize materials such as tools and supplies, since they can be easily housed in a centralized spot.

•Effectively manage the continued trend toward storing more and more SKUs, parts, and components.

The systems also are equipped with several safety features. ActivRAC Mobilized Storage supports sustainability initiatives, and the system’s carriages are manufactured from recycled steel.

Spacesaver Industrial is a division of Spacesaver Corp. Visit for more information.

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