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SpotSee devices boost logistics visibility

SpotSee, provider of shock and vibration monitoring through low-cost connectivity and data, is increasing visibility into the supply chain for the logistics market by delivering real-time, critical shock and temperature indicators through its brands SpotBot and ShockWatch.

“An average shipment is handled 10 times before it reaches its destination,” said Angela Kerr, SpotSee’s vice-president of product portfolio and project management. “SpotSee adds visibility to the supply chain by connecting users with their assets through our connected solutions and indicators that inform them when products are mishandled.”

The company has a variety of indicators and recorders—including SpotBot Cellular, SpotBot BLE and ShockWatch 2—that give users insight into how their products are being handled during shipping. Depending on the product, SpotSee’s users can access temperature, vibration, impact or tilt monitors, most of which can be seen in real time.

SpotBot Cellular is a standalone device that delivers impact monitoring with x, y, z direction (tri-axial) and live tracking through the firm’s own cellular network. This enables users to visualize and access their data in the cloud from any web-based device.

Likewise, SpotBot BLE makes the supply chain transparent by measuring and recording temperature, humidity, tilt and shock. Each indicator is individually configured, and any violation of the set threshold is easily traceable throughout the entire supply chain.

The company also provides single-use devices that determine if fragile products have been dropped during transit or storage. ShockWatch 2 impact indicators turn bright red when an impact beyond a certain threshold has occurred, and the mere sight of them on packages helps discourage handlers from mishandling the product.

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