Telematics devices provide real-time data

Morey, an electronics and telematics manufacturing company, has released its newest telematics devices, the MC-4 and MC-4+, designed to log and store diagnostic, power and locational data for single and mixed fleets.

With the MC-4, fleet managers can remotely access equipment performance data worldwide using Bluetooth, GPS and 4G LTE technology and untethered dead reckoning for continuous positioning.

This device contains a plug-and-play deployment program allowing users to easily install the device, customize the datasets they want to receive, and begin receiving data immediately. It has robust vehicle and machine interface capabilities and can be installed on any Class 1–8 vehicles.

The MC-4 also acts as an edge computing device with the ability to analyze data from the vehicle’s ancillary accessories as it’s generated. It can then communicate anomalies directly to the data center, streamlining the decision-making process for fleet managers and minimizing equipment downtime.

For fleets required to track and share records of duty status data under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, the MC-4 can be used to maintain compliance with the new rule, as it allows drivers to electronically log hours-of-service and send them directly to fleet managers.

Other key features include:

•Inertial measurement unit collects vehicles’ angular velocity and linear acceleration data

•Six Degrees of Freedom allows full, 360-degree device mobility

•Engine state detection alerts data centers of any potential engine malfunctions

•Automatic event or customizable event reporting provides consolidated data reports on specific focus areas

•Idle state detects when the vehicle is in an idle or active state

•Scan tool detect monitors vehicles’ emissions, performance and other functions

•4G LTE CAT 1 bluetooth connectivity creates a gateway with worldwide reach

Morey will also offer the MC-4+, which enhances the MC-4’s features with a rechargeable backup battery and a more robust mechanical enclosure sealed to IP69K. Designed to withstand the most rugged environments and conditions, the MC-4+’s internal battery allows the device to collect data whether the vehicle’s assets are powered on or not—for more than a week.

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