Thermo King adds new productsto PrimAir air management systems

Thermo King adds new productsto PrimAir air management systems

Thermo King announces the addition of a new group of products to its growing line of PrimAir air management systems. These PrimAir products are now offered at Thermo King dealers, joining the current lineup of PrimAir standard return air bulkheads:

  • Heavy-duty return air bulkheads—Offer superior material strength and thickness for maximum durability for the most demanding applications, such as dairy product transportation.
  • Chute systems—With tear resistance and material tensile strength for increased durability.
  • Insulated bulkheads—Durable and lightweight bulkheads for creating multiple temperature zones within a trailer.
  • Two-piece return air bulkheads—These easy-to-use bulkheads help reduce short-cycling and maintain uniform product temperatures. Can be removed, cleaned, and reattached in less than a minute.
  • Split air chute system—Designed to provide uniform temperature throughout the entire trailer. The diverter evenly distributes air to each side chute, which then guides the air to the rear of the trailer.

All PrimAir air management systems allow users to better manage the flow and temperature of air within trailers, maintaining cargo quality, improving food safety, and lowering operating costs.

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