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ThermoKeeper packaging liners provided

ThermoKeeper packaging liners provided

ThermoPod ThermoKeeper packaging liners for extended time frame mail order shipments of chocolates, pies, cakes, and other temperature-sensitive foods save pallet and shelf space at retailers and fulfillment warehouses that would other be taken up by bulky foam containers.

Resilient and pliable, ThermoKeeper patented super-thick insulated packaging liners ship flat to fulfillment houses and retailers, store flat until ready for use, and assemble quickly into packaging designed to fit snugly in shipping boxes.

ThermoKeeper patented super-thick insulated box liners are user-friendly alternatives to space-hogging foam coolers that can crack, chip, or break even before being fully packed and sealed.

Liners are made from a blend of recycled pre-consumer natural textile fibers formed into a soft flat panel laminated between two films, one perforated and the other solid, enabling optimal performance with shipper’s choice of coolant. The unperforated waterproof poly film surface is designed for payloads kept cool with dry ice. The perforated surface, designed to accommodate gel packs, has tiny scores to allow any unwanted condensation or moisture from the gel packs to wick away from the payload.

The insulation also includes an EPA-approved anti-microbial additive for cross-contamination prevention and super-absorbent fibers for containment of accidental spills or undesirable condensation from thawing gel packs.

ThermoKeepers are shipped compressed for lower in-bound freight costs and more efficient warehouse storage and can achieve a substantial 60% to 70% on floor or shelf space. When ready for use, ThermoKeeper easily assembles in two easy steps into an air-tight, stand-up container with a full flap-over lid custom sized to fit snugly inside customer shipping boxes. ThermoKeeper packaging box liners are custom-designed and sized specifically for shipping containers at no additional cost, eliminating any need to try to fit various sizes of payload into existing coolers. Private labeling is also available.

Mailers and packaging liners are disposable with ordinary trash, though non-compostable. ThermoKeeper packaging inner liners are made with a biodegradable cotton insulation that has been tested to biograde within a year, encapsulated by an outer poly film that contains additives that promote degradation of the poly film and help break down the poly in a time frame greater than five years.

To see how it works, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page for a video.

ThermoPod products are manufactured by the ThermoPod Division of MP Global Products, headquartered in Norfolk NE. Access or call 888-379-9695 to learn more.

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