TODCO ArcticFlex door sets new standards

TODCO (the Overhead Door Corporation) has introduced the ArcticFlex insulated door, which the company calls the industry’s first flexible, single-panel roll-up door.

The company says its ArcticFlex door is proven to be the lightest insulated door in the industry (57% lighter than the next competitor), while maintaining a high R-Value. This seamless and rivet-free door eliminates panel joints, where ambient temp (heat gain), dust and moisture can typically enter the cargo bay.

ArcticFlex’s patented technology provides excellent thermal efficiency, while the reduced weight increases door life and lowers fuel and maintenance costs for fleets and end-users. Lower maintenance cost is further realized with included stainless steel and aluminum hardware for rust prevention, and the SupeRoller that lasts five to 10 times longer than standard rollers. The ArcticFlex is built with mold-resistant materials as required for the food industry, and is easily cleaned and repaired.

 The ArcticFlex is part of TODCO’s Miles That Matter initiative, which aims at providing a lower total cost of ownership for fleets and end-users. This is realized through a focus on product innovations that offer safer, longer life, and lighter weight products that reduce fleet maintenance costs and downtime. Safety is also important to TODCO, resulting in development of products that can reduce injuries and worker’s compensation costs for fleet owners, such as lighter-weight components, and the ArcticFlex pinchless panel joints.

For additional information, email [email protected].

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