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Toyo Tires adds M657 tire

Toyo Tires adds M657 tire

Toyo Tires introduces the new M657 on-highway drive axle position tire for commercial vehicles. This US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay-verified tire is ideal for long-haul highway applications while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The M657 was developed using Toyo Tires’ e-balance technology, which includes a stiffer belt package, stiffer bead construction, and optimization through simulation technology. Benefits include improved tire life, better endurance, enhanced irregular wear resistance, and improved fuel consumption.

Suitable for single- and twin drive-axle applications, the M657 features a 28/32" tread depth. Toyo Tires’ multi-pitch groove design enhances traction even during the latter stages of original tread life. Large parallel-arranged center tread blocks provide excellent stability and traction, while stone ejectors help protect the casing against stone drilling. The shoulder design of the M657 resists irregular wear in long-haul applications.

High-elongation steel cord is used in the number-four belt to help protect the casing against impacts and cuts and to promote multiple retreads. Coupled with this belt package is a special cap-and-base compound that provides cooler running and longer casing life. Deep inside the M657 is a high-tensile, rust- and fatigue-resistant body ply cord for long service life through multiple retreads.

The G-rated M657 is available in four sizes: 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 11R24.5, and 285/75R24.5. For more information on the M657, log onto

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