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Toyota Material Handling expandsline of large IC pneumatic lift trucks

Toyota Material Handling expandsline of large IC pneumatic lift trucks

Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) has expanded its line of large IC pneumatic lift trucks to include four new models, 33,000-, 40,000-, 44,000-, and 51,000-pound capacities at a 36" load center.

TMHU now offers models ranging from 3,000- to 51,000-lb capacities. IC pneumatic lift trucks are equipped with a 6.7-liter J-Series Hino diesel engine along with features designed for operator safety and comfort. The two-speed transmission meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 3 compliance regulations and provides optimal performance.

The Hino diesel engine features a common rail direct fuel injection system that produces lower engine noise and lower emissions. A two-speed transmission provides optimal performance comparable to industry standard three-speed transmissions, with the added benefit of a smoother operation due to fewer shift changes. This two-speed, two-stator transmission requires less maintenance than a comparable three-speed transmission. It is designed to handle more torque and contains fewer parts to service.

These large IC pneumatic lift trucks offer fully oiled lift cylinders. Wet disc brakes are standard and operate under the most severe work conditions.

A synchronized steering option enhances operator comfort by automatically correcting misalignment between the angle of the steering wheel and turn angle of the steer tires.

Standard on the truck is a Deluxe Steel Cab that includes an integrated air-conditioner and heater/defroster. The deluxe cab features a mounting system that absorbs and reduces noise and vibrations in the operating compartment.

The electronic parking brake offers the functionality to be engaged or disengaged by pushing a button. An alarm will sound if the operator attempts to operate the lift truck with the parking brake engaged. An integrated monitoring center continually checks the lift truck and notifies the operator if there are any issues with the unit’s systems. TMHU provides hydraulic pilot-type control levers to reduce vibrations.

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