Trojan TransPower ST1000 battery gets four-year warranty

Trojan TransPower ST1000 battery gets four-year warranty

Trojan Battery Company announced that a four-year warranty is now offered for its TransPower ST1000 starting AGM battery for the commercial transportation markets. The increased warranty coverage provides the lowest total cost of ownership available over the life of the battery.

The TransPower ST1000 is a sealed, maintenance-free AGM 31 starting battery engineered for durability, cranking power, and long life. Design features that contribute to the overall performance and durability of the TransPower ST1000 include an advanced paste formulation, heavy-duty plate design, and polypropylene case.

Battery performance and longevity are influenced by the physical structure of the active material. Delivering high cranking power requires a paste formulation with high porosity characteristics and maximum surface area. Longer battery life requires higher density paste characteristics. The TransPower ST 1000 features a high-density paste formulation that optimizes density, porosity, and surface area, achieving the right balance of power and longevity.

The TransPower ST1000 is constructed using a heavy-duty plate design that is thicker than standard starting battery plates. Engineered with a combination of high-density paste and a gravity-cast thick wire grid design, the plate construction delivers nearly double the battery life of a standard flooded starting battery. Heavy-duty plates are encased in a glass mat envelope, minimizing the risk of internal shorts. Additionally, the plate design tolerates extreme weather conditions through a range of operating temperatures.

Within the plate design is a grid network constructed with thick wires that are highly resistant to corrosion. Wires are arranged in a sunburst array architecture that ensures peak performance by guiding the battery’s power to a focal point of charge resulting in 1,000 cold cranking amps. The overall grid framework is manufactured using a gravity-cast process to produce a grid with uniform properties throughout the framework, ensuring maximum recharge efficiency and long life.

The TransPower ST100 is packaged in a thick-walled, durable polypropylene case that is rigid to keep internal components of the battery compressed. This case structure effectively protects the plates from damage caused by shock and vibration. The polypropylene case is resilient against engine oil, gasoline, and other road chemicals including salts and magnesium chloride.

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