Truck-Lite catalog

Truck-Lite issues full-line catalog for 2018

Truck-Lite Co LLC, a provider of heavy-duty lighting, telematics, engine protection, safety and visibility systems, has released its 2018 full-line catalog.

Redesigned and restructured for 2018, Truck-Lite’s new catalog touts improved ease of navigation and enhanced data as its primary features. Customers will utilize more specific indices sorted by product family and common size, as well as color-coded tabbing, to arrive at the precise product page of their choice. There, they will notice more comprehensive information on each specific product rather than general information on a collection of products.

“Our revamped catalog is an extension of our website overhaul project from 2016,” said Beth W English, vice president of marketing for Truck-Lite. “It mimics our website in terms of navigability and allows customers to quickly reference any of our 3,000-plus aftermarket products and any associated kit or accessory items.”

To order the 2018 full-line catalog, part number L09, email [email protected].

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