Truckers Best oil treatment available

Truckers Best oil treatment available

With diesel fuel costs hovering at around $3.90 per gallon, professional truck drivers understand the economics of operating and maintaining their vehicles as efficiently as possible. Truckers Best oil treatment from Bell Performance can assist in this engine performance optimization.

Truckers Best contains Bell Performance’s MBL (metal-based lubricant) additive package that gives truckers and heavy-duty diesel operators truly superior protection for their engines. It increases diesel engine performance and, in the process, reduces total diesel fuel costs.

“Using Truckers Best on a regular basis can provide significant savings in annual diesel fuel cost budgets for those who drive between 50,000 and 100,000 miles annually,” said Glenn Williams, president of Bell Performance.

Over time, engines and motors inevitably develop tiny scores, scratches, and wear spots on the metal surfaces. When oil flows, these peaks and valleys rub together, creating friction, causing the engine to run hotter, and resulting in compromised engine performance.

Truckers Best’s MBL ingredients actually resurface the metal by filling in the nearly invisible scratches, scores, voids, and imperfections. The resulting “super-slick” metal surfaces see dramatic reductions in friction. Thus, Truckers Best conditions both the metal and the oil.

Diesel truck drivers can expect to see improved mileage and performance (a 5% to 6% improvement is typical), as well as a longer engine life due to fewer ”cold starts.” Smoother engine operation, lower engine temperatures and protection against low oil pressure and oil loss are additional benefits from treatment use. Year-round, regular use of Truckers Best is recommended for optimal diesel engine performance, especially for prevention of dry engine starts.

Drivers who use Truckers Best regularly also experience better compression and increased horsepower because it seals worn rings and reverses engine wear. It extends motor oil life by supplementing the oil’s existing additive package, thereby protecting the engine from acids and other impurities that accumulate in the oil after the additive package wears out.

Truckers Best is available in a one-bottle, single-dose application. Each 32-ounce bottle is formulated to treat one large truck oil change (between 40-44 quarts of oil).

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