US Liner’s Lighter Side adds some punch

US Liner Company (USLCO), provider of engineered reinforced composite materials, has premiered Lighter Side III, the Championship Sales Fight video with its humorous look at facing competitors in sales presentations.

“These videos have become our calling card for having fun while you work” said Jeff Meek, vice-president of sales and marketing for USLCO. “It is truly rewarding when customers ask me when the next video will be coming out. It is inspiring to make people laugh and market US Liner in a very unique way. We have almost become as famous for our Lighter Side videos as our materials.”

Taking its cues from the Rocky Balboa character in the movies, the Marketing Ninja has transformed his character to be known as the “Liner Designer.”

Lighter Side III is more movie-like than its predecessors, but as usual, USLCO’s marketing team adds a random scene to steal the show.

Michael LaRocco, president and chief executive officer for USLCO, said, “The Lighter Side Video Series has literally taken on a life of its own. These videos, each carrying its own message about our products and philosophies, just illustrate how much we love what we do, we are fun to work with, and we care about building strong relationships with our customers. The overwhelming response we have had to our Lighter Side videos makes us want to continue to make more of them. We already have new ideas in the works. Lighter Side III really upped the ante for production quality and humor. We are really proud of this latest one.”

To view the new video, see the company website at or the YouTube Channel at

Sean Montgomery, owner of 323 Productions, said, “Jeff (Meek) had a vision and wrote a tremendous script. It was our job to bring this video to life. We think this is the best Lighter Side yet.” For more information on 323 Productions, see

To find out more about USLCO, go to

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