Utility Trailer’s Clearfield UT plant receives safety award

Utility Trailer’s Clearfield UT plant receives safety award

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company has received a plant safety award from Liberty Mutual Insurance.

The trailer maker’s Clearfield UT trailer manufacturing plant was recently presented the Liberty Mutual Silver Safety Award. Liberty Mutual’s Safety Awards are based on the days away, restricted, and transferred (DART) rate, which is calculated from the number of hours worked relative to the number of accidents at the plant. Lower numbers of accidents result in lower DART rates.

Back row, from left: Dennis Wilson (EHS manager); Cary Day, Rowdy Steed, Justin Child, Bob Saunders, Scott Lerohl, Kim Carter (general foremen); Todd Smith (plant manager); Rob Gardner (Liberty Mutual). Front row, from left: James Gronwald (general foreman); Jay Bills (plant superintendent); Mark Pobanz, Rich MacGoldrick (general foremen); Steve Jenson (night superintendent); Doug Simonton (EHS technician); Dave Thompson (night EHS/HR supervisor).

In 2015, the Clearfield plant had a DART rate of only 1.48, with more than 2.7 million worked hours. The average DART rate for the trailer manufacturing industry was nearly three times higher, at 4.2.

“Our excellent safety record is a tribute to our entire workforce and their attention to and attitude towards having a safe workplace. It takes an entire team to accomplish these results, and we’re pleased that we have that excellent team. It’s great to be recognized by our insurance carrier,” said Todd Smith, Utility’s Clearfield plant manager.

“This is the third Silver Award for our Clearfield plant, and our ninth Liberty Safety Award since 2001. Without the continued dedication of our employees and management team, we would not be able to achieve our safety goals year after year—and most importantly, we are creating an environment where we can keep ourselves and our fellow employees safe,” said Dennis Wilson, Utility’s Clearfield Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) manager.

“The owners and management of Utility appreciate everyone’s sustained efforts towards world-class safety at the Clearfield plant,” said Bob Griffis, corporate Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) manager for Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

See www.utilitytrailer.com for more information.

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