‘Wanted’ list for environmental fugitives

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created a new web tool to enlist the public and other law enforcement agencies in tracking down fugitives accused of violating environmental laws and evading arrest.

The EPA Fugitives website—www.epa.gov/fugitives—includes photos of the accused, summaries of their alleged environmental violations, and information on each fugitive’s last known whereabouts.

Alleged violations include smuggling of ozone-depleting substances, illegally disposing of hazardous waste, discharging pollutants into the air and water, laundering money, and making criminally false statements. The website also lists EPA’s captured fugitives.

Anyone who encounters a fugitive should notify EPA by submitting the "Report a Fugitive" form on the website. Information will be electronically sent to EPA’s national criminal investigation office in Washington DC. Information on fugitives may also be reported to local police.

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