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Webasto SmarTemp Control comes as Freightliner Cascadia model option

Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution trucks now can roll off the production line equipped with Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America Inc’s digital SmarTemp Control. This control is designed to work exclusively with Webasto’s Air Top 2000 ST bunk air heater.
“To have the SmarTemp Control offered on a truck that top fleets depend on and recommend is a testimony to the high level of design, engineering, and testing we put into the product,” said Dr Rolf Haag, Webasto Thermo & Comfort president and chief executive officer. “To achieve this less than one year after the launch of the SmarTemp in the aftermarket is a great accomplishment.”
Webasto’s SmarTemp Control delivers ultra-precise temperature control with a rotary dial that lets drivers dial in the temperature they want while the device does the rest. The SmarTemp Control maintains constant bunk temperatures, which reduces idling and leads to fuel savings. The intelligent and appealing user interface complements the sleek and ergonomic style of the Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution models.
The SmarTemp Control is extremely user-friendly. Simply toggle between menu options with main dial, and once in the chosen menu, scroll up or down to the desired selection. A large, backlit LCD screen shows ambient bunk temperature and desired or “set” temperature. Users can quickly adjust heat or ventilation mode, continuous or timed runs, low-voltage disconnect thresholds, password protection, and preventative maintenance reminders from the main menu. The control offers three language selections and can display in Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales.
Customers can order the Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution with the Webasto Air Top 2000 ST and SmarTemp Control by using Data Book Option Code 689-093.
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