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Xena offers Cargo Door Lock

Xena offers Cargo Door Lock

Trailer content theft is on the rise, and break-in methods are becoming more advanced. Truck drivers and owners need the best possible security when it comes to their cargo. Next Generation Power, a distributor for Xena Security with links to the trucking industry, has developed the Cargo Door Lock.

The mechanism employs a state-of-the-art Xena lock and heavy-duty clamp system to ensure shipments reach their destination.

Powerful and durable, the versatile Xena lock features a corrosion-resistant, T304 stainless steel body and an anti-twist, boron-hardened steel shackle that can’t be hammered apart, chiseled off, or opened with bolt cutters. Xena Security considered advanced methods of illegal container and truck entry in constructing its lock.

The Xena lock is pick-proof, freeze-spray-proof, and drill-resistant, while incorporating an 110-decibel siren. It’s triggered by a motion and shock sensor that can be easily disarmed with the key for a passive mode.The key is laser-cut and has 250,000 different combinations for maximum protection.

Constructed of powdercoated, 3/16" wall steel tubing with 1/4" x 6" end plates, the clamp system is adjustable in width from 9½" to 17" to fit almost any trailer or container door. The lock’s 5/8" diameter shackles pass through two holes of the clamping mechanism for superior locking strength.

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