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Image of Xtra Lease trailer on the highway

XTRA Lease goes solar, selects SkyBitz for monitoring trailers

XTRA Lease and Telular IoT Telematics announced that XTRA Lease is installing the SkyBitz GXT5000 solar-powered fleet management system on more than 50,000 of its over-the-road reefers and dry vans, including approximately 9,000 new trailers purchased this year.

The GXT5000 series operates on the 3G/4G and LTE cellular networks and is ideal for operations that require near real-time reporting on the status of trailers. Powered by SkyBitz, the trailer tracking solution helps improve asset allocation and enhances logistics and security for XTRA Lease customers.

“We’re excited about this latest leap forward in trailer tracking, which we make available to all customers to help them better manage their rental and lease trailers,” said Bill Franz, president and CEO of XTRA Lease. “One of the most important services we can deliver to fleets is the ability to identify dormant and underutilized rental trailers. That way, fleet managers can target low-use trailers and return them to XTRA Lease or deploy them elsewhere in their operation. Our new trailer tracking dashboard takes this concept to a new level.

“We’re also excited about the improved battery performance achieved with the solar-powered SkyBitz product,” Franz said. “Customers require outstanding battery performance. In fact, we believe today trailer tracking without solar power is like spaghetti without meatballs.”

XTRA Lease and SkyBitz also have collaborated to create a new web-based portal that delivers critical trailer tracking data needed by fleet managers to better manage rental and leasing fleets. The new XTRA Lease trailer tracking portal features:

•Near real-time, dynamic location reporting—Trailers report in at the beginning and end of every trip and at 30-minute intervals when they’re moving. They report in daily when not moving.

•A robust dashboard—Dormancy, utilization, a list of trailers, a map of current trailer locations and counts, and more are clearly displayed on one page.

•Custom landmarks and trailer groups that enable fleet managers to track what’s important to their operation.

•Interactive mapping powered by Google that displays the current locations of trailers and number of trailers at each location.

All services are free on rented and leased over-the-road trailers from XTRA Lease and accessible online.

Based in St Louis MO and owned by Berkshire Hathaway, XTRA Lease is a leading provider of over-the-road trailers for rent or lease in the United States. With more than 50 North American locations, the company offers a fleet of about 80,000 trailers, including reefers, dry vans, flatbeds, storage trailers, chassis and other specialty equipment. For more information, see

SkyBitz is Telular’s flagship brand for IoT Telematics solutions. For additional information, go to

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