XTRA Lease 25th anniversary trailer

XTRA Lease marks its silver anniversary with special logos and seals

 XTRA Lease is marking its 25th anniversary in a big way—a silvery new look for its 2019-model trailers and cargo sensors to help fleets manage their trailers better.

The company will add approximately 9,000 new trailers to its fleet in 2018. Reefers and dry vans will be adorned with silver logos and anniversary seals, while all new dry vans will receive cargo sensors, available for free on all rentals and leases.

Formed in 1993 from a merger between Strick Lease and AJF Leasing, XTRA Lease says it is the largest provider of trailer rentals and leases in the United States with more than 50 locations and nearly 85,000 trailers.

In 25 years, the company has pioneered many technologies and services that have become standard in the industry. For example, in 2000, XTRA Lease became the first major fleet to install tracking on trailers, promoted its adoption and helped fleets learn how to use tracking as a fleet optimization and utilization tool.

XTRA Lease has continued to invest in innovations. For example, it was one of the first fleets to install fuel-saving side skirts on all reefers and vans.

“We consider our 25th a great milestone,” said Bill Franz. “But it’s not just a celebration of longevity. It’s an opportunity to reflect on advances in trailer technologies and fleet productivity that we’ve extended to fleets, and to remind customers that they can count on us to embrace innovations in the future that will produce more cost-efficient trucking operations.”

In 2017, XTRA Lease introduced a new trailer tracking system and portal, powered by SkyBitz, packed with landmarking, alerts and other features. This year, new dry van tracking units will include free cargo sensors.

In addition to reefers and dry vans, XTRA Lease will add more than 600 new flatbeds and chassis throughout its branch network in 2018.

XTRA Lease regularly invests in new trailer orders, adding more than 52,000 trailers in recent years with fuel-efficient features. The average XTRA Lease trailer age is less than five years old, making it possible for fleets of all sizes to access newer, low-maintenance trailers.

Based in St Louis MO, XTRA Lease is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Go to www.xtra.com for more information.

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